Marshmallow Blow Gun

Marshmallow blow gun

We found this great video from Specific Love Creations on you tube.  It was an easy afternoon project that the kids and I put together.  In the original video the creator didn’t glue the parts together. The PVC and fittings from home depot fit together fair well but there was still a lot of play.  We decided to glue up all the pieces with the exception of the blow tube and barrel.  those we snugged up with duct tape to try to get a tighter fit but could still remove to clear jams.


1/2 inch Pipe and Fittings (schedule 40):

-  110 inches total length of pipe

- 1.25 inch pipe (x8)

- 2-inch pipe (x2)

- 3-inch pipe (x1)

- 3.5-inch pipe (x1)

- 4-inch pipe (x1)

- 7-inch pipe (x1)

- 8-inch pipe (x1)

- 9-inch pipe (x1)

- 12-inch pipe (x1)

- T-connector (x5)

- Elbow 90-degree (x3)

- Elbow 45-degree (x4)

- End cap (x1)

- Coupling (x1)

Additional PVC fittings for the scope (schedule 40):

- 3/4 x 1/2-inch Adaptor

- 3/4-inch Coupling

- 1-inch Coupling

We measured out all the cuts on a single 10foot long piece of pipe as we were making 2 blow guns then cut them out on the chop saw.  We then laid out all the pieces like in the youtube video.  As we watched the video we assembled the pieces.  

Hope you enjoy this project too!!