Baseball Shadow Box



This project was born out of a desire to reuse the old signage from our local little league stadium. Our league decided to move away from wooden signage for the sponsors in the outfield to final signage and gave away all of the old signs prior to the start of the season.  We grabbed as many as I could fit into the back of the truck and ended up making several shop carts and had multiple long scrap pieces left over.  



Tightbond II wood glue

Luan for the wood backer

Glowforge laser engraver

Pin nailer

5/8 inch Brads

Air compressor

Table top Drill Press

Red Gem Electronic angle finder





This was another fairly quick design and build.  I used a Baseball to get the ultimate dimensions so this process and be adapted to any sized shadow box.  I used my recently arrived glow forge to laser engrave the back panels which were also cut to size to fit the back panels of the boxes.  The sides were cut at 45 degree angles using my electronic angle finder.  Finally a I drilled a circle in the bottom panel of the box with a 1 inch paddle bit.  The box joinery was again simply 45 degree miters with tight bond 2 glue and a couple of 5/8 inch brad nails to hold everything together until the glue dried.