Baseball Finial

Baseball Finial

My wife found an awesome baseball themed lamp for my son on an online yard sale.  Technology huh!  The lamp was great but it was missing a finial to keep the lampshade on.  We decided to modify a leftover baseball from this past season to serve as the finial.



Drill Bit

Drill press


Finial ( I used an old one we had left over)

Two part epoxy


We had a couple of leftover finials and I decided to use the smallest one that fit on the lamp. The machining on finials is different from standard bolt heads and I was unable to find a size that was compatible with the machining on a finial.  I used a 1/2 inch drill bit to make my hole and set my depth based on the height of the finial.  I test fit the finial into the baseball before setting it into place using two part epoxy.  Finally, I screwed it into place!