Washtub Topper

Wash Tub Top

This was a quick project to add functionality to an old wash tub that we use to hold drinks when we host folks in our backyard.  For smaller gatherings, my wife thought that having a top for the washtub would allow us to use it as a standing height table that we could move around wherever needed.


Red Oak

Varathane Spar Urethane

Kreg Jig

Tightbond II wood glue

Orbital sander

Sanding pads

Foam sanding blocks

Router table

Router Bits

Watco Danish Oil


I first took an initial measurement to determine the size of my top.  The width of my stock was 11 1/4 inches wide.  I cross cut the board to 22 3/4 inches then drilled pocket holes on the underside.  Next I glued and screwed the board together and was careful to wipe away the squeeze out.  Next using a hand router I used a cove bit to round over both sides of the top.  I made two passes on each side to avoid overloading the handheld router.  I centered the top on the washtub and traced the outer rim of the washtub onto the underside of the top.  I used the handheld router again to cut a groove in the bottom following my traced line.  I made two passes increasing the depth of my cut on the second pass.  Next I sanded the top and bottom with progressive grits from 80 to 120 to 220 to 600 on the top only.  I used an orbital sander on the flat parts of the top and bottom and the foam sanding pads on the detailed edges.  I blew off the workpiece using compressed air then used some water to raise the grain for a final sanding with 600 grit paper.  Next I added two coats of Watco Danish Oil then allowed the piece to dry for 72 hours.  Finally I applied the Spar Urethane in 7 coats on top and 5 on the bottom.